August 1, 2021

Ben’s stuff

April 15, 2021

A friend handed me this box of remote control goodies that were sitting on a shelf in need of some attention for me to have some fun with. Car HSP Racing 1/8th scale electric rock crawler. 2S 7.2V NiMH 1800mAh batteries with KET plug. Charger is a 9V 250mA DC wall adapter with Tamiya plug […]

Sailing tips

February 24, 2021

Do not launch an A class catamaran singlehandedly in an area with 10 knots ONSHORE breeze.  Bad things will happen. Rudders need deep water. Beach rollers are out of reach. You will need to stand in deeper water. Boat is difficult to control and has tendency to either take off by itself or plough into […]

Sailing rules

February 21, 2021

Summary “Is there any Red Port Left ?“ The boat that is on a starboard tack (= sails are out to port) has right of way over boat on port tack (sails are out to starboard). (Overlapped on same tack) Windward (= upwind) boat must stay clear of leeward (= downwind) boat at all  times. […]

A Class catamaran – rigging

February 14, 2021

An A class catamaran has: Mast rotation Outhaul Downhaul Mainsheet Mast rotation There is a 30cm long horizontal stainless steel ‘arm’ on the bottom of the mast that has a rope connected underneath the trampoline cleated on top of each hull.  The idea is to restrict the mast from over rotating when sailing upwind. When […]

Carbon fibre lightweight ‘A class’ catamaran

November 22, 2020

New project: A Class catamaran (2004 German Aicher-Egner Flyer / AUS849 / Saarberg) Ian Johnson, Merricks Beach, VIC Australia Saarberg skinny boards, Mackenzie Composite Carbon Rudders/Boxes, Harken Mainsheet System, Saarberg mast, Fiberfoam beams, Brewin big head sail, big beach wheels, bum pads, bags boat cover. 5 Altona Street The easiest way to distinguish the German […]

Henk Coeleveld

March 29, 2020

Zondag 29 Maart 2020 9pm Australische tijd 1pm Nederlandse tijd. Verwacht niet dat iemand dit vindt of leest, maar voor het geval dat. Mijn vader is zojuist komen te overlijden en vredig heengegaan.     Sunday 29 March 2020 9pm Australian Eastern Time (AET) 1pm Central European Time (GMT+1) Don’t expect anyone to find this or read […]

Protected: Brother from another mother

January 1, 2020

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Protected: Animated GIF and short MP4s

January 1, 2020

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