Battlezone Combat Commander [BZ:CC] modding guide

July 18, 2018

First of all, buy this awesome game on GOG or Steam if you have not already done so! Many thanks to Nielk1, Katherlyn, Aegeis, General BlackDragon, Ded10c in no particular order for their invaluable help! This is what we will be making – view in 1080p60 HD in Full Screen: Source files can be found […]

LibreElec boot from USB – Error after upgrading

July 4, 2018

Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi 3+ Use LibreELEC USB-SD Creator to write libreelec-rpi2.arm-8.2.4.img.gz to SD card. Use LibreELEC USB-SD Creator to write libreelec-rpi2.arm-8.2.4.img.gz to USB memory stick. Add “program_usb_boot_mode=1” (without double quotes) to config.txt on SD card just once and boot your Pi to flip a bit in a write-once register to enable USB […]

Inkscape – Path operations & alignment

May 27, 2018

Inkscape has a number of commands to form new paths from two or more preexisting paths. The z-order of the paths is important. It does not matter if you click object A first and then object B, or vice versa – it is the order of the parts i.e. which part sits on top that […]

Unity quick tips

May 11, 2018

Unity + Autodesk FBX promotes interoperability between 3D software ← → FBX is a proprietary format owned by Autodesk. Unity has made a deal with Autodesk to promote ‘seamless’ collaboration. Blender is left in the cold and needs a swiss army knife to be able to interpret (Autodesk) .FBX files: Blender ← (Blender friendly) […]

Blender textures and materials + FBX export for Unity

May 8, 2018

Blender comes with a built in Blender Render engine and a Cycles Render engine. In this example the selected render engine is irrelevant. Blender comes with an optional Nodes material editor. Select this material as the main node in the Nodes editor. Nodes editor In this example we will not use the optional Nodes editor. […]

[Unity] Battlezone II Mission 1 terrain

May 7, 2018

Use PAK explorer to extract files from “data.pak”. Extract a file containing terrain height map data from ISDF mission 1 named “isdf01.ter“. Use Terrain Explorer or ODL1WinterB4c to view the terrain file: Extract the 512×512 px 8 bit grayscale height map and save as “isdf01Height8Bit.png”: Use PhotoShop to save as a “isdf01Height8Bit.raw” file for improved […]

[Blender] Battlezone II ISDF Vehicle Scout – ivscout

May 5, 2018

Source Files: ivscout00.blend ivscout00.jpg Blender XSI import addon   How to convert XSI models to blender First we need to preview the model and check animation and textures. 3D Explorer viewer You can use 3D explorer to load XSI models including animations and textures. 3dexplorv181.exe (rename download file to *.exe) Install using Compatibility Mode: […]

Protected: Unity Galaga

November 11, 2017

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Unity Doodlejump

July 4, 2017

Based on the following tutorial: Click on the image below to start the game. Controls [SPACE] Jump [LEFT][RIGHT][UP][DOWN] Movement Unity source  

Blender – Handpainted column

July 2, 2017

  Source file Blender handpainted column Step 1