Sailing tips

By telleropnul, February 24, 2021

Do not launch an A class catamaran singlehandedly in an area with 10 knots ONSHORE breeze.  Bad things will happen.

  1. Rudders need deep water.
  2. Beach rollers are out of reach.
  3. You will need to stand in deeper water.
  4. Boat is difficult to control and has tendency to either take off by itself or plough into shore.
  5. Difficult to get back to shore facing into the wind with dagger boards and rudders up.
  6. Getting boat to water’s edge over downward sloping terrain is very difficult in onshore breeze.

Boat easily tips in strong breeze on land seesawing on beach rollers when manoeuvring.  Get those beach rollers back to the bow when done asap.

When stepping / raising the mast on an A class catamaran, tie one trapeze line to the rear beam as a backstay until the side stays are in to prevent the mast from swinging sideways and then forward.  Use the other trapeze line with your trapeze harness to tension the side stays.