MPCNC part 6

July 19, 2019

It is now time to plot the obligatory MPCNC crown test pattern with a pen holder and pen. MPCNC Sharpie / Pen holder Crown test Test-Crown-12mms.gcode.txt <insert CNC.js screenshot> <insert result> Fusion 360 Spoilboard 1. Spot drill hole pattern in spoilboard. 2. Manually drill through using suitable bit. 3. Insert (glue?) […]

Upholstering dining chairs

July 2, 2019

The dining table chairs came with ‘fake leather’, which is actually quite common.  Fake leather comes in one of two flavours: PU leather (polyurethane leather) and vinyl bonded leather.  Vinyl bonded leather has leather fibers glued to the back of the vinyl to allow vendors to legally claim ‘10% genuine leather’.  If you inspect the […]

Solution for when 3D printer won’t print first layer properly (under extruding)

June 25, 2019

Syptoms When I change the spool of PLA or PLA+ filament on my 3D printer or use the 3D printer after not having used it for a while, I am often having problems where the printer seems to be under extruding, where there is poor bed adhesion and where tuning the printer does not seem […]

MPCNC part 5

June 7, 2019

GCODE maiden flight Some important Gcode instructions: G20 = everything is in inches G21 = everything is in mm G90 = everything is in absolute coordinates (go to coordinate position) G0 X30 = move to absolute X coordinate position ’30’ on the X axis. G91 = relative coordinates (move relative from current position) G0 Z30 = […]

MPCNC part 4

June 5, 2019

Squaring the frame I 3D printed the first 10 layers of the MPCNC foot object to use as a template for drawing the screw holes in the table.  I used a laser range finder to measure distance and square the frame.  As the table was cut to size accurately, I could use the edge as […]

Ejeas Vnetphone V6 1200 bluetooth intercom

May 21, 2019

Charging Red light = charging. No light = fully charged. Turn on Hold [A] for 6 seconds until blue light pulsing every 2-5 seconds indicating Bluetooth is active. Turn off Tap [Power Off] button. Pairing with mobile phone Hold [A] for 10 seconds until red/blue fast blinking lights. Look for new bluetooth devices to pair […]

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) – Blencoe Falls trip

May 4, 2019

Friday 03 May 2019 & Saturday 04 May 2019 Download GPS waypoints here: Blencoe Falls 03 + 04 May The above file contains: Raw GPS data (comma separated text file, opens with Microsoft Excel) Google Earth KML + KMZ file Open map in Google Maps   Easter Egg See if you can find this […]

Pocket hole jig

April 28, 2019

Disclaimer: The orignal pocket hole jig was developed and manufactured by Kreg in the USA.  If you want a quality pocket hole jig, the original Kreg pocket hole jig (including clamp) comes recommended.  Here in Australia it is a bit overpriced as is the case with many imported high end products ($30 AUD for a […]

Hollow Knight – Hornet

April 28, 2019

Please support the developer and buy this game if you like what you see: The artwork, music and animation is excellent.  Our two children love the fairytale like creatures and the dream-like atmosphere of the game. Hollow Knight – Printed at 20% infill using Cura slicer.  Recommend using 3mm brim for eyes, dress, […]

MPCNC part 3

April 27, 2019

Some of the 3D prints take a long time to print. Good bed adhesion is important: I purchased 2x 3meter length 25.4mm OD (1 inch) 1.2mm thick galvanised steel round tube from the local hardware store and 1x 1meter length. Round tube #1 (3 meters): 1064mm + 1064mm + 864mm Round tube #2 (3 meters): […]