Demo Reel

May 22, 2020

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Blender 2.8 Texture Coordinates Node

May 21, 2020

wood.blend If you do not add a Texture Coordinates node to your nodes setup, Blender will use Texture Coordinates: Generated implicitly. Texture Coordinates: Generated This wraps the material around a single object with the UVW (0,0,0) coordinates point located in a corner of the object and the UVW (1,1,1) coordinate located in the opposite corner.  The […]


May 21, 2020

Understanding of the following viewport render settings is key: For shaders using transparency, the material blend mode needs to be changed from Opaque to Alpha Blend:   Blue dots = Vector coordinates Yellow dots = RGBA color Gray dot = Value between 0.0 (black) and 1.0 (white). shader0001.blend   shader0002.blend   shader0003.blend   shader0004   […]

Bench V1

May 20, 2020

Thanks to Davide Tirindelli for a great tutorial. Source Files benchV1_001.blend benchV1_002.blend benchV1_003.blend benchV1_004.blend Render   Notes Add-on: Add Curve: Extra objects Add Curve > Curve Spirals > Archemedian Spheric, Turns: 4, Steps: 24. ‘Mark Root’ a start vertex for each separate curve cluster or separate objects. CTRL-B or subdivide to add more control points Press […]

Rigidbody V1

May 17, 2020

Thank you masterxeon1001 Buy masterxeon1001 a beer! (click on the Donate Box, enter an amount and pay using Paypal) Requirements Blender 2.8x Get it here: (2.8) HOps (2.8) BoxCutter Get it here: Source Files rigidbody001.blend Render Notes Plane #1 Non cyclic Ngon cutter T for thickness CTRL for ortho Late parent […]


May 17, 2020

Thank you Saqib Hussain for a great tutorial. I used IvyGen to create the vine.  Note that after creating your Ivy object you cannot go back and edit the parameters. In my case I had some issues where I have to edit the Particle System and change the Number from 1500 to 1501 and back […]

Block V2

May 17, 2020

Thank you Ian Hubert for a weird amazing tutorial! Source Files blockV2_001.blend Render

Streetlight V1

May 17, 2020

Thanks to Davide Tirindelli for a great tutorial. Source Files (Blender v2.90a) streetlightV1_001.blend streetlightV1_002.blend Render 2160 x 1920


May 10, 2020

Thank you Adobe. Create account. Browse characters. Select mocap animation. Download as Collada (*.dae) Blender > Import > Collada (*.dae) Change material alpha from 0 to 1. Press space bar to play. Tip: For walk cycles, make sure to select “Walk in place” in the sliders area.     Source Files mixamo001.blend mixamo X […]

Block V1

May 7, 2020

Source File blockV1_001.blend Render   Source File blockV1_002.blend Render