Demo Reel 2020

September 26, 2020

    1920×1080 1920×1080 1920×1080 1920×1080       (2x speed)                    1920×1080 1920×1080 1920×1080 1920×1080 1920×1080 1920×1080     1920×1080

Align to transform orientation

September 26, 2020

The most basic objects have their edges aligned with local / global X, Y, Z axes. Then there are objects that have been rotated and you can move, rotate, scale along global or local X, Y, Z axes. [G | R | S]  [X | Y | Z] = Transform along global axes [G | […]


September 26, 2020

Thank you masterxeon1001 ! Buy masterxeon1001 a beer! (click on the Donate Box, enter an amount and pay using Paypal) Requirements Blender 2.8.x / 2.9.x Get it here: HardOps BoxCutter Get it here: or Source File headphones.blend Render   Viewport Eevee Cycles   Quick Notes   Bevels in a nutshell […]

Blender Twisting Crystals

September 26, 2020

Thank you Polyfjord! Source File (password protected) Download from Gumroad using link in video and donate some coin. Render  

Blender curtain

August 21, 2020

Source Files curtain001.blend curtain002.blend curtain003.blend curtain004.blend curtain005.blend curtain006..blend Render Quick notes Area light.  Tick Portal. Pull back hook object.  Collision.  Untick Single Sided. World: white, strength 10x. Translucent material Subsurface 0 > 0.5 > 1 Subsurface Radius 0.1; 0.1; 0.1 to 0.5; 0.5; 0.5 Subsurface color same as Diffuse color

Custom bevel profiles

August 8, 2020

Thank you masterxeon1001, proxe, and team! Download Blender Hard Ops & Boxcutter.bundle   Source Files custombevelprofile001.blend custombevelprofile002.blend   Custom Bevel Profiles c0   Adjust segments. Adjust strength. [Q] [CTRL+Mark] for Vertex Group Bevels. [Q] [B] [SHIFT+P] to cycle custom profiles. Warning: Use only AUTO and VECTOR points.  FREE and ALIGN points (= split […]

Blender KitOps

August 8, 2020

Thank you masterxeon1001, proxe, Chipp and team! Download Blender Hard Ops & Boxcutter.bundle Today we will adding this to the mix: KitOps Pro Did I tell you Blender is free and open source?  This is not a beginner tutorial.  This is just for me to keep my sanity.   c0’s KPack Contains 7 inserts. […]

Blender cartoon ‘toon’ car

July 30, 2020

Source File toon001.blend toon002_bumper.blend toon003.blend Render Quick notes This tutorial uses subdivision modelling to model a hollow object. Subdivision modelling versus Parametric modelling This shows the bumper of the car modelled using both subdivision modelling and parametric modelling.  Note the differences. Working with hollow objects To make something hollow, DELETE FACES and add a SOLIDIFY […]

Studded leather couch material

July 28, 2020

Source File studded001.blend Render Quick Notes Add Cube. [TAB] Edit mode. [RMB] Subdivide. [RMB] Subdivide. Face > Poke Faces. Face > Tris to Quads. Face > Poke Faces. Face > Poke Faces. [1] Select a single vertex in center of 16 vertices. Select > Select similar > Amount of connecting edges. [Shift][Ctrl][B] Vertex bevel. [ALT][E] […]

Quick and smooth animation in Blender

July 28, 2020

Source File strafing_run.blend The result of recording camera movement (Auto Keying) when in walk navigation (WASD) mode: Smoothing using [ALT+O]: Approximating using Decimate (% allowed change): Copying camera animation data to an object:   Quick notes This is a popular learning trajectory for animating objects in Blender: Goal “I want to make an animation” Approach […]