Raspberry Pi – Internet connected garden sprinklers

June 23, 2016

The garden sprinkers will run daily using cron, but can also be controlled via a web page (LAMP). A daemon running in the background will poll the MySQL database every 10 seconds. A 433Mhz TX transmitter connected to the Raspberry pi will send out a signal to nearby home automation remote controlled power outlets (Powertrans […]

Tamburil coffee table

June 22, 2016

Coffee Table – Source Files

Queen size bed

June 22, 2016

Standard queen size bed mattress dimensions: 80×60 inch 203×152 cm 3cm extra for sheets: 206×155 cm 2nd opinion: plans use 81×61 inch for padding 81 inch = 2057mm 61 inch = 1549mm Conclusion: Inner dimensions 2060×1550 (or 2060 long runners with 1550+50+50=1650 overall length) Queen size bed – Source Files

Entertainment Unit

June 22, 2016

Entertainment Unit – Source Files

Dining Table

June 22, 2016

Sketchup Source Files