December 16, 2017

I am building a swing set similar to this: I came across these round metal pipe corner brackets that would give it a more traditional look and maximizes the frame height.  Unfortunately they are not sold in Australia and do not come in 150mm diameter. Timber posts Step one is to get the posts ordered […]

Geodesic domes

March 25, 2017

I should really build a colorbond shed. I should really build a starpicket / polypipe shadehouse. I should really build a romantic garden gazebo. But then there is this: geodesic domes.  Oooh, shiny! I should build a model using drinking straws and pipe cleaners! Or use leftover fiberglass rods from a cheap dome tent. Pros […]

Tropical garden plants

October 1, 2016

Propagation From easy to hard: Cutting Plant division Grow from seed Grafting (Trees) Cutting Take cuttings from new growth.  The part of the stem that forms new roots and shoots is called a node. These growing points produce leaves, flowers or shoots when the plant is growing normally but, if a bit with two or […]

Arduino (Nano) RGB pixel LED clock

June 23, 2016

Bicycle rim Hero Xr-1 27 inch (700mm) 20H clincher, black. 5mm thick (depron) foam strip for padding. DS3231 High Precision Real-Time Clock Module (replacing I2C identical DS1307) SMD pixel RGB strip (30 LEDs per meter, WS2812, 5050 LED) // Code collected and completed by Tobias Floery <tobias@floery.net> //SMD RGB pixel LED strip // FastSPI Library […]

Raspberry Pi – Internet connected garden sprinklers

June 23, 2016

The garden sprinkers will run daily using cron, but can also be controlled via a web page (LAMP). A daemon running in the background will poll the MySQL database every 10 seconds. A 433Mhz TX transmitter connected to the Raspberry pi will send out a signal to nearby home automation remote controlled power outlets (Powertrans […]

Tamburil coffee table

June 22, 2016

Coffee Table – Source Files

Queen size bed

June 22, 2016

Standard queen size bed mattress dimensions: 80×60 inch 203×152 cm 3cm extra for sheets: 206×155 cm 2nd opinion: plans use 81×61 inch for padding 81 inch = 2057mm 61 inch = 1549mm Conclusion: Inner dimensions 2060×1550 (or 2060 long runners with 1550+50+50=1650 overall length) Queen size bed – Source Files

Entertainment Unit

June 22, 2016

Entertainment Unit – Source Files

Dining Table

June 22, 2016

Sketchup Source Files