HVLP spray painting

May 15, 2022

Checklist – paint station work area outside (table). – general purpose paint thinner. – packet of flat wooden stir sticks (knives, paddle pop sticks, etc.) – plastic disposable yoghurt container (large enough to hold pot lid) for paint thinner. – glass 20cm tall jar (apple sauce / gherkins) with wide opening and airtight lid to […]


May 13, 2022

box 58×28 bottom plank 58×20 top plank 58×15 backing board top 61×10 backing board bottom 50×28 sides x2 plywood (3x 360 spacing and 2x 60 to edge) 1140 screw 780 screw 420 screw 60 screw plasterboard ~0 screw 200 glue 400 screw 600 glue 800 screw 1000 glue ~1200 screw


February 27, 2022

The purpose of insulation is: to keep moisture out and prevent mold / mildew inside a structure. to keep the inside temperature constant in both winter (cold) and summer (hot) There are a number of distinct components that go into wall / roof cladding: cladding vapor barrier insulation air gap To add to the confusion, […]

Cavity Slider

February 10, 2022

Photos Click to enlarge.  From left to right: wash basin and floor waste -> toilet -> shower.  Cavity slider is XO meaning left hand side is sliding (= door leaf) and right hand side is fixed (= cavity fame). Requirements Head: Quality anodized track with double bearing rollers Finish: no architraves; square set (also called […]


January 11, 2022

Acronyms D/C or DC = direct current = (~180 max typically) = most common.  used for welding steel / stainless. A/C or AC = alternating current = optional extra, used for welding aluminium, often has pulsed mode. Duty cycle = percentage of time that a machine will safely operate without overheating, within a certain time […]

Clipsal C2025WE installation template

November 14, 2021

Take a photo from as far away as possible at maximum optical zoom to reduce parallax effect. Make sure camera lens is as vertical over the center of the object as possible.  Notice how the walls of the screw terminals holes are not visible as the camera is centered accurately. Make sure the picture is […]

Air compressor

October 27, 2021

Unit conversion 1 inch = 25.4mm 1 bar = 14.5 psi (pounds per square inch) 1 cfm = 38.3 lpm (litres per minute) 1hp = 0.75 kW Air compressor Garnet grit blasting requires a free air delivery (FAD) of 18-22 cubic feet per minute (500-700 litres per minute) of airflow at at least 100 pounds […]

Kinetic art wind spinner

October 1, 2021

Kinetic Wind Spinners from Evergreen Garden   Anthony Howe – Di-Octo   Ivan Black – Hex   Ivan Black – Vane Series (disc square star)       Ivan Black – Golden Section   George Rickey – Breaking Column The location of the pivots is not critical.  The closer to the base, the more counterweight […]


August 1, 2021

Shed – Drainage

May 30, 2021

Challenge “I haven’t allowed to connect up the drainage just the underslab pipework.” The underslab pipework connection to the septic is a concern.  We may not have sufficient vertical distance to connect a shed floor waste and toilet to the septic line.  We can’t afford to end up with a shed where the greywater / […]