By telleropnul, May 17, 2022

Measured dining table height 77cm.
Measured kitchen bench height 92cm.
Measured barstool electronics bench height 100cm.

I chose not to do miters as I may slide a smaller piece of metal into the open ends to create a vice / table extension or something (or not).  I did cap the bottom of the legs.

Work table
(I didn’t draw the last angle iron piece…sorry).

Work bench
Note the “H brace” instead of the angle iron so you can move your chair or barstool underneath the bench without your legs hitting a shelf.  Note to self: move the long piece of the H brace further to the back like 80%-20% leg room instead of 50%-50%.

Create a removable table surface insert.  Use 2 long runners and a surface material of choice.
– specrite formply sheet 1800x1200x17
– metal slats with 10mm gap as welding table.
– thick steel plate