By telleropnul, October 1, 2022

Intergrain Heavy Duty – previously known as Doors Windows Decking (DWD)

Water based paint that forms a ‘thin fleece’ on top of material.  Initially gummy when drying.  Dries hard but remains somewhat elastic like silicone.  Full sun protection requires thicker ‘fleece’ and need multiple coats.

[!] Do not apply in full sun and/or when timber is warm to the touch.  Applying in too hot conditions will result in +/- 30 seconds before gummy consistency stage sets in.  Overlapping brush strokes will pull gummy clumps in previous brush stroke.  Do not tamper as this will pull strips and flakes of thin fleece off.  Looks unsightly.  Best to let dry fully and sand off.  Start from scratch.  Yes, you have wasted half a day.  Next time, do it right.

[!] Do not coat over existing coats.  All it does is create another ‘thin fleece’ on top of previous coating.  Does not bond well to previous old coats.  Moisture will get trapped in between poorly adhering coats.  Got to sand it all down to bare timber.

[!] Do not trap moisture.  Ensure material is dry.  Water will show up as milky white.  Dry wet washed used paintbrush thoroughly and apply test strokes on absorbent tissue paper towels.

Apply with paint tray covered in a plastic bag and a fence post brush.  Slather on liberally.  Work in small sections at a time and quickly blend previous area when still wet.  Apply second or third coat after at least one hour.

40 grit Diablo sandpaper with Makita belt sander and lot of elbow grease.  Go through 80 grit, 120 grit, etc.