Recreational Pilot License (RPL)

By telleropnul, January 6, 2023


Why not.  There are a lot of factors to consider, but some of the more obvious easily overlooked ones:

Your licence is perpetual – it never expires! You will however be required to pass a medical every 1-2 years, and pass a flight review every 2 years. A recreational pilot license allows you to:

  • fly up to 25 nautical miles from the aerodrome where the flight began, the chosen training area, or a direct route between the two
  • fly private operations with day visual flight rules (VFR) in a single engine aircraft with a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 1500kg.
  • an RPL holder with a recreational medical certificate will be limited to carrying one passenger.

Log book

11 Jan 2023
Thank you for applying for an aviation reference number (ARN). Your application has been successful.
DAME Class I medical appointment pending:
Stratford Medical Centre
2/1 Kamerunga Road, Stratford
CAIRNS Qld 4870
07 4058 2264
“First availability 27 Feb 2023”   Have asked to be contact if someone cancels an appointment last minute.  2 hours travel time.