Triumph Tiger 800 XCx 2015 maintenance

By telleropnul, February 22, 2019


Here are some of the things I do to clean my motorbike.

Chain cleaning

  • Yoghurt or ice cream container
  • Kerosene
  • Lithium grease (Fuchs Silkolene Titanium Dry Lube)
  • Toothbrush
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Cloth rag

The finer the brush, the quicker it wears out and the less scrubbing it does.  The coarser the brush, the better it cleans but the downside is it splatters black chain grease droplets everywhere.

Simply dab the toothbrush / scrubbing brush in a bit of kerosene and start scrubbing.  A center stand makes life a lot easier.  Use a cloth rag or tissue paper to wipe clean when done.  Don’t spray with WD40 – it does not hurt it, but it isn’t great eather.  Instead, spray with a proper lithium based chain grease (often white in color).  Wipe clean with a cloth rag or tissue paper (sprocket and outside of chain).  You only need chain grease between the links.  The best time to lubricate the chain is immediately after a ride when metal chain links are expanded and will shrink when they cool.  Leave overnight to dry.  Use sparingly as excess grease attracts dirts.  Keeping your chain clean (using kerosine) is key.

Rust protection

Spray plastic covers, engine block, fuel tank, exhaust heat shields and rims liberally with WD40.  Use a clean cloth to wipe.  This will leave a film of water displacement solution on rust prone parts like bolts, nuts, brackets, etc.  Do not spray WD40 on brake discs.


Use a pressure washer to quickly wash of any dirt.   Use a large sponge and bucket with cold water and simple dishwashing liquid to clean panels.  Use a different small disposable kitchen dishwashing sponge to clean engine, wheels and frame.


Put a toothpaste sized dab of Turtle wax on a clean cloth.  Lightly wipe over metal painted parts i.e. fuel tank.  Let dry for 1 or 2 minutes.  Use a different clean (microfibre / fluffy) cloth and polish off in circular motion.  Be careful not to rub it into small seams and cracks as it dries white and is a bit hard to remove.


  • Use shaving cream as an anti fog agent on a helmet visor.
  • Don’t use a glass cleaner containing ammonia on polycarbonate plastics like a helmet visor.
  • Do not use graphite powder in key locks or electrical switches.  Use some WD40 or silicone spray instead.
  • WD40 is a water dispersant with a mild lubricant.  If you want to lubricate, better use silicone spray i.e. CRC marine 66 silicone spray or similar.


Front Wheel Size WM 2.5 X 2 1
Front Tyre Size 90/90 – 21
Front Tyre Pressure 2.5 bar (36 psi)
Recommended Front Tyre
1. Bridgestone Battle Wing BW501 G
2. Pirelli Scorpion Trail

Rear Wheel Size MT 4.25 x 17
Rear Tyre Size 150/70 – 17
Rear Tyre Pressure 2.9 bar (42 psi)
Recommended Rear Tyres
1. Bridgestone Battle Wing BW502
2. Pirelli Scorpion Trail

Oil Change

Every 10000km; every 5000km if using inexpensive oil or off road driving.


  • Small container to collect bolts and nuts.
  • Oil filter puller if current filter does not have socket nut.
  • Latex gloves optional.
  • Plastic oil drip pan.
  • Funnel with flexible extension as the filler opening sits close to the frame.
  • Cloth rags x 2.
  • Oil filter.  I recommend K&N KN-204 oil filter with a nut on the end as this is easy to loosen and tighten.
  • Sump drain plug washer copper or aluminium,
    22mm outer diameter (OD) x 14mm inner diameter (ID) x 1.5mm thickness.
  • Oil 10W40 or 10W50 (semi)synthetic which meets specification API SH (or higher) and JASO MA.

I used Fuchs Silkolene Comp 4 10W40 4Litre.  Other options in Australia are:

  • Motul 5100
  • Penrite Racing 15 15W50 5 Litre (Autobarn)
  • Penrite HPR 10 Full Syn 10W50 6 Litre (Autobarn / Supercheap Auto)
  • Castrol Power 1 GPS Motorcycle Oil 10W40 4 Litre (Supercheap Auto)

Cheaper clean oil is better than dirty expensive oil.


  1. Run engine hot and leave to rest for 15-30 minutes.
  2. Place on center stand.
  3. Remove skidplate:
    1. 2x 5mm allen key bolts.
    2. 4x 12mm socket nuts.
  4. Place oil drip pan.
  5. Remove sump drain bolt:
    1. 1x 8mm allen key bolt.
    2. Gently tap allen key with nylon hammer to loosen bolt.
  6. Remove sump drain bolt. Don’t worry if you drop the bolt.
  7. Replace sump drain bolt washer with a new washer.
    In an emergency you can reuse the washer by either heating red-hot with a blow torch or by using sandpaper and sanding in a ‘figure eight’ pattern to remove microscopic scratches from the surface to ensure a proper seal.  Just get some new washers…
  8. Drain oil.  Clean your hands.
  9. Partially unscrew filler cap to let air in.
  10. Slowly(!) unscrew oil filter and place upside down (on plastic pin) in oil drip pan.
  11. Clean engine surfaces.
  12. Screw in sump drain bolt and a new washer.
  13. Lubricate oil filter seal with new oil and screw in oil filter.
  14. Tighten oil filter nut using 17mm socket wrench.
  15. Fill engine with 3.6 litres of oil using funnel with flexible extension.
  16. Screw in filler cap.  This step is easy to forget(!)
  17. Idle engine.
  18. Check oil level. Be careful not to overfill.
  19. Install skidplate. Do not overtighten.
    Note the visible rubber hex spacers the bolts screw into; these will start to twist if overtightening.

Reset Service Interval Announcement (SIA)

Connect an On Board Diagnostic (OBD) protocol scan tool to the motorbike to reset the Service Interval Announcement (SIA).


  1. Use ELM327 On Board Diagnostic (OBD) scan tool.
  2. Connect USB cable to laptop computer and install USB-to-serial adapter software.
  3. Connect ELM327 device to motorbike OBD plug underneath pillion seat.
  4. Turn ignition key to position where electrical systems are active.  Do not start the motorbike.
  5. Use Tigertool v2.5 software on laptop to interface with the Triumph Tiger 800 XCx management system:
    TigerTool V2.5 Instructions
  6. Reset the Service Interval Announcement (SIA):

Air filter change

Every 20.000km.



Fuel tank removal

  1. Remove the pillion seat and rider’s seat.
  2. Disconnect the battery, negative (black) lead first.
  3. Remove lower radiator panels.
  4. Remove upper radiator panels.
  5. Remove cockpit assembly.
  6. Remove the fuel tank infill panels.
  7. Release the two bolts securing the fuel tank to the frame.
  8. Raise the fuel tank and disconnect the electrical connections to the fuel pump and the fuel level sensor.
  9. Ease the double check clip latch away from the connector until the release buttons are exposed.
  10. Disconnect the fuel hose by squeezing the sides of the connector and pulling the hose free from its spigot on the fuel pump plate.
  11. Note the position of the two breather hoses and disconnect the two breather hoses.
  12. Remove the fuel tank from the frame.

Air filter removal

  1. Disconnect the intake air temperature sensor multi-plug.
  2. Disconnect the MAP sensor multi-plug and hose.
  3. Release the 11 fixings and remove the airbox upper section.
  4. Remove the 2 fixings amd remove the air filter element.

Air filter installation

  1. To be continued.

Pre-filter (UNI filter)

Cleaning and oiling instructions: UNI filter cleaning oiling instructions.pdf

The (paper) airfilter of a Tiger 800 XCx is somewhat inaccessible.  Replacing the air intake snorkel under the driver seat with an easily accessible foam (oiled and washable) pre-filter is a good idea, especially when riding on gravel roads or off road.


  1. Remove pillion seat and driver’s seat.
  2. Remove the plastic front seat bridge:
    1. Remove 4x 8mm bolts.
    2. Remove 2x Allen key hex bolts.
    3. Remove 1x Torx bolt.
    4. Disconnect rubber flap (3 small holes resting on plastic pins).
    5. Disconnect metal clip of rubber battery safety strap.
  3. Remove the plastic part of the air intake snorkel assembly:
    1. Remove 1x black 8mm bolt and washer.
  4. Remove the rubber part of the air intake snorkel assembly.  Compress the rubber ring near the circular airbox air intake opening to do so.
  5. Leave UNIfilter pre-filter in bag with the black rubber ring exposed.
  6. Squeeze the groove in the black rubber ring of the UNIfilter pre-filter and move into position.  The black rubber ring should fit snugly inside the circular airbox air intake opening.


Service Log

Feb 2019 – 9500km
Oil filter replaced + oil chainge.  Air prefilter installed.  Next service interval set to 20000km.