Hollow Knight – Hornet

By telleropnul, April 28, 2019

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The artwork, music and animation is excellent.  Our two children love the fairytale like creatures and the dream-like atmosphere of the game.

Hollow Knight – Hornet.zip

Printed at 20% infill using Cura slicer.  Recommend using 3mm brim for eyes, dress, head and nail.  You can use skirt or brim for legs.  Use 20% – 40% infill for legs and nail if too fragile when printing.  Preview your print in your slicer program and have a good look at the density of the material in the legs.  I used a zigzag infill pattern.  Legs will have a fair bit of stringing if your printer is not tuned, which can simply be removed later.  Dress and head require 75% degree overhang support scaffolding.  Dress can be printed in two halves or in one go.  STL files are provided for both.  I prefer printing in one go.  Legs and eyes are black.  Dress is purple (I used red).  Head is white.  Nail is gray.  Files included in ZIP file are for a 20cm (8 inch) tall 3D printed model.  You may want to scale down to 25% or 50% size at a first attempt.  Printing the legs is a bit scary as it is top heavy and the nozzle comes close to knocking the model off its legs.  The tips of the legs should be pointy and slim, but had to be reinfored for 3D printing.  In the above picture this looks somewhat ugly.  When you slice the model and 3D print the file in the end this is far less pronounced and hardly noticable compared to the screenshot above.  You could probably mask this by placing a decorative object (grass, rocks, etc.) at the base of the model.  I use a tissue to dab a 50%-50% suger water mixture (10ml or so) onto my glass heatbed for improved adhesion.  The dress uses a fair bit of support scaffolding which could be further opitmized, but as this was only a one-off print I haven’t done so yet.  The support scaffolding plastic breaks of easily and is very thin, so there is not much waste.  Original FBX file and files modified for 3D printing (3dsMax 2019 + FBX + STL files) are included.  Thin rope for the nail can be made by draping heated filament over an object or just bending by hand: