MPCNC part 3

By telleropnul, April 27, 2019

Some of the 3D prints take a long time to print.

Good bed adhesion is important:

I purchased 2x 3meter length 25.4mm OD (1 inch) 1.2mm thick galvanised steel round tube from the local hardware store and 1x 1meter length.

Round tube #1 (3 meters): 1064mm + 1064mm + 864mm
Round tube #2 (3 meters): 1064mm + 864mm + 864mm
Round tube #3 (1 meters): 275mm + 275mm + 72mm + 72mm + 72mm + 72mm

I used a cut off saw to cut the round tube to length.  The 72mm legs were machined on a lathe to ensure they are all the same length stand upright perfectly.

Assembly of round tube and 3D printed parts

I purchased a sheet of MDF to make a bed and spoilboard for the MPCNC machine:


The spoilboard is 920mm x 920mm.  There are two strips of 100mm width on either side (920mm x 1120 mm outer dimensions)

The bolts and nuts I had ordered arrived:

This was quite rewarding:

Assembly of CNC bed + spoilboard + round tube + 3D parts + bolts/nuts

NEMA 17 0.59Nm stepper motors arrived today: