Rackmount device

By telleropnul, January 3, 2020

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HDR images courtesy HDRlabs


Blender 2.82

Get it here: https://builder.blender.org/download

(2.8) HOps 00984_Thulium_10
(2.8) BoxCutter 715_14

Get it here: https://blendermarket.com

Screencast utility used:
QiPress Lite



Source Files








rackmountV1_008.blend   Animated using displacement modifiers.  5.4MB file.

Note: Applying modifiers and animating object positions would result in a 20MB file.


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Quick Tips

Rather than adding a boolean manually (i.e. union), Hops can do this for you:
1. Select 2 objects to join.
2. [Q] Booleans > Union

Added bonus: Hops adds the (cutter) object to a Cutters collection, sets ‘display as wire’ and adds a weld modifier identical as to what Boxcutter does.

Rather than using ModScroll to find a particular cutter I just go to Outliner > Right click “Cutters” collection > Visibility > Show all inside.  I select the cutter I want, move it around or edit edges/faces, toggle “/” for visibility briefly if need be and ‘Hide all inside’ when done.

A faster way is this:

1. [ALT-H] to show everything; will unhide all object in the viewport (= including all cutters in Cutters collection).
2. Press [1] and [2] to cycle between collections: [1] = objects collection [2] cutters collection. This works both in Viewport and Outliner.

An even better way:

[ALT+H] to unhide everything including individual cutters.
[SHIFT+2] repeatedly to toggle visibility of cutters collection (+ [SHIFT+1] to toggle all objects if needed).
Quick, simple and intuitive. Repeat keypress toggles visibility.
I no longer use [1] or [2].

I have started to enjoy using [Q] > Modscroll [LMB]
[MOUSEWHEEL] for previous/next
[A] show/hide current toggle
[CTRL+A] show/hide all toggle

If you press [ESC] original view is restored.
If you press [LMB] cutters remain visible as seen in ModScroll

For new cutters added:
– Holding Shift when confirming the cut will prevent the cutter from hiding, or
– untick Auto Hide in Boxcutter settings if so inclined.