Program car key fob (Toyota Kluger / Prado / RAV4)

By telleropnul, May 29, 2022

Note: To check correct key for your car you can pop open your existing key case cover and check number stamped be on remote part number should be “50171” and “42050”

Remote Programming:
STEP1. Open Driver side door
STEP 2. Put the Original key in and out of ignition for 2 times
STEP 3. Close and open driver door for 2 times
STEP 4. Original Key in and out for once
STEP 5. Shut and open door for twice
STEP 6. Close door
STEP 7. Put Original Key in the ignition and Turn ignition on
STEP 8. Turn ignition off and remove key
STEP 9. Door locks will cycle
STEP 10. Do the following for all remotes:
Press lock and unlock together for 1s, then press the lock button
STEP 11. Locks will cycle put key in ignition turn to on then off
STEP 12. Remove key from ignition, close door and test remote

To Delete All Remotes from the Vehicle
At Step 7, turn the key on and off for 5 times then remove key, door locks will cycle for 5 times. Turn the key on then off. Open shut door. All remotes that were coded into the car, have now been removed.

Program keys
STEP 1. Put Original master key in and out of ignition for 5 times. Finish with key in ignition (in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in)
STEP 2. Open and shut door for 6 times
STEP 3. Remove original key and insert the new key (Do not turn the key, just insert it into the ignition
STEP 4. Leave for 60s (or til light goes out)
STEP 5. After 60s security light stops flashing then you can start car.
STEP 6. Take key out
STEP 7. Open and shut door

If you make a mistake at any point in the procedure, use original key to start the car. Take the key out, open and close door. Now you are ready to start again.


1 x Suitable For Toyota 2 Button 304MHZ Remote Key