Motivating staff

By telleropnul, July 4, 2017

Everyone’s rights

To be treated with respect.
To have decisions made in a timely manner.
To produce and receive quality work to agreed standards and principles.
To estimate your activities aggressive yet achievable and have your estimates respected by others.
To be provided adequate resources not limited to time and money to achieve what is asked of you.
To have commitments made honored or where not possible alternatives negotiated in a timely manner.
To determine how your resources will be invested.
To be given the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills required.
To work in a safe environment.
To be commended, nurtured and supported.
To be provided good-faith information in a timely manner.
To own your organisation’s software process, to follow and actively improve when needed.

Everyone’s responsibilities

To produce a solution that meets stakeholder needs on budget and in time.
To optimize time and money invested in your team/project.
To be willing to collaborate extensively within your team and outside your chosen specialties.
To share all information, including ‘work in progress’.
To coach others in your skills and experiences.
To validate your work to the best of your ability, as early as possible, working with others as needed.
To actively expand your knowledge and skillset.
To attend coordination meetings in person.
To proactively look for ways to improve you or your team’s performance.
To avoid accepting work currently outside the current iteration without agreement by the team.  Any new work should be prioritized and addressed accordingly, regardless of the source of the work request.


Surprises at the annual employee review.
Public criticism.
Asking for one behavior and rewarding another.
Unachievable deadlines.
Asking for input and then ignoring it.
Preferential treatment.
Empty phrases.
People are expendable.
Some people are more valued than others.
Employees are not trustworthy.
Employees aren’t capable of making good decisions.


Articulate the group’s mission.
Recognize and appreciate contributions.
Provide clear, congruent feedback.
Deal firmly and respectfully with performance issues.
Eliminate obstacles and be an advocate for the group.
Share company data.