Game assets

By telleropnul, February 10, 2020

Thanks Stellar!

Gerber Propel


Drag reference image into Blender.  Move back a bit and start work in origin.
Use BC polygon cutter for outline and solidify.
For more control over cross sections, use a small plane tile, extrude one edge repeatedly, push in/out, cut outline with BC polygon cutter.
Notice large finger grip surface area on handle.  Doesn’t follow the bevel.  Can’t model that non-destructively.
At some point you have to apply the modifiers and tidy up using subdivision modeling.

Steyr M9 A2 MF



Quick Tips

  • Trace object using Ngon make.
  • Solidify (+Mirror) to create edges.
  • CTRL-B to multiply and space out ngon edges.  Then, select a long edge loop and CTRL B along a different axis.  Bit tricky.  Make sure Edge Loop ends at a ‘dead end’ before beveling.  Had to remove 1 edge.
  • You don’t need support geo for flat areas.
  • To make an area perfectly flat, grab faces, press [1], scale down along Y axis to average all vertices Ypos.
  • Only apply bools when you can’t rough out the desired shape any further.
  • Only apply bools if you need to push vertices / edge loops off grid.
  • In early stages, delete support geo on flat areas.
  • You will lose the mirror and that is annoying but okay.
  • To mirror geo manually: you can select a cluster of faces in edit mode, duplicate, separate, mirror, apply, delete original faces, join to original object and merge vertices.
  • Sharp is your friend.  Sharp = blue lines = mark sharp = sharp bevel.
  • Start a perfect aligning object by duplicating an edge loop.
  • Duplicate the cutter as a new object slightly scaled down (for bevel).
  • Cut the cutter if you need a hollow cutter and don’t want to apply modifiers (torch palm grip)
  • Knife cut in Object mode only works on non-boolean mesh.  Knife cut in Edit mode works on any mesh and projects geo onto mesh + deletes cutter.
  • GG edge slide.
  • CTRL-B to bevel or create a vertex
  • CTRL-R to add edge loop
  • J join 2 vertices.  If you get weird results you can E extrude a vertex and ALT M merge to last.
  • F to create a face between 3 selected edges or 4 selected vertices.