Cylinoid V4

By telleropnul, June 27, 2020

Thank you masterxeon1001 !

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Blender 2.8x

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(2.8) HardOps
(2.8) BoxCutter

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Source Files

cylinoidV4_002.blend (Cycles)
cylinoidV4_003.blend (shading fixes)


Shading fixes

  • screw segments from 36 to 72 for improved support geo for 2x radial array cutters.  Radial array bevels works best if there is an edge loop through each element.  Think (radial) dice.
  • wedge shape needed to be recessed a bit more to allow for bevel.
  • added edge loops to top cutter to imprint more support geo to flattened top plane for improved bevels.
  • radial array cutter needed to be moved along X axis 0.01 to have better support geo intersects.
  • cuts to hollow out mounting plate did not leave enough material for bevel. cutters slightly reduced in size.
  • changed red line object vertex bevel number of segments to 3. looks better straight than rounded due to different arcs as a result of solidify.
  • Render set to PNG (RGBA, 8 bit, 10%)

I tend to play with last bevel offset value.  If you are not careful you can end up having to reduce the bevel offset value to very small numbers e.g. <0.001 where the bevel is hardly visible. I prefer to work with geometry to keep bevel offset values >0.004.  When adding bevels you will come across overlapping booleans.  To resolve problem areas you can:

  • move, scale, (rotate) cutters in problem areas, or
  • move, scale, (rotate) individual faces of cutters, or
  • accurately add edge loops to cutters to create supporting geometry, or
  • change array count or screw steps to create supporting geometry.

Here masterxeon1001 (thank you Sir!) is showing me a nice trick: using a Weld modifier with adjusted weld threshold to weld vertices in problem areas before the last bevel:



– Eevee –


– Cycles –