Contour lines topography

By telleropnul, September 28, 2020

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Blender 2.8.x / 2.9.x

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Contour lines topography

This picture raised so many questions.  How was it made?  How do you create these flared cross sections?  Is is subdivision modelling?  Is it something else?  How many cross sections in the original low poly geometry?  This looks like a double mirrored object, yes?

It reminded me of contour line topography:

The secret was a Shear command to angle one of the cross-sections combined with MACHIN3’s MeshMachine FUSE command.

Some observations:
– The flared cross-sections are not really needed; it would be better to leave straight.  See below.
– You only need edge loops to go all around if you plan on slapping on a subdivision surface modifier (which we are not going to do as it is high density enough as it is and perfectly controllable through Bevel and FUSE)

This is how you create this type of shape with the minimum amount of added geometry.  Flat faces are kept clean at all times:

Source File