3Com 5500-EI 28-Port + Airport Extreme

By telleropnul, August 17, 2022


Serial console connection 19200 baud
7 – Skip current configuration file (Y)
0 – Reboot
Switch will boot from default boot option (firmware) but skip the startup config.file.
This will allow administrator user access to the device using “admin” and <blank>.

reset saved-configuration
This will erase all current settings in Flash memory.  Note this does not affect any saved startup file(s).  You should still at least set an ip address for the switch as a whole and save to a config file.  This way you can ping the switch and access the web interface:

interface Vlan-interface1
ip address
ip route-static preference 60

Comware3: save safely [Y]
Comware5: save safely main force [Y]
This will save the running config in flash memory to a config file.

startup saved-configuration harald.cfg main
This will cause the switch to boot from the saved config file at a next power cycle.

dis boot
<displays firmware file used at boot time>
dis startup
<displays saved config file used at boot time after firmware is loaded>

7 – Skip current configuration file (N)
0 – reboot

This will cause the switch to no longer skip the startup config file after the firmware has loaded.

int Gig 1/0/25
port link-type trunk
jumboframe enable
repeat for 26, 27, 28

rsa local-key-pair create

Set the admin password and service type:
local-user admin
password simple [Password]
service-type terminal telnet ssh
service-type lan-access
level 3

Set authentication mode:
user-interface aux0
authentication-mode scheme
user-interface vty 0 4
authentication-mode scheme
protocol inbound all      (= ssh + telnet)
ssh user admin authentication-type password

AUX user interface is used to log in to the Switch through the console port. A fabric can have up to eight AUX user interfaces.  VTY user interface is used to Telnet / SSH to the Switch. A Switch can have up to five VTY user interfaces. office shed

Airport Extreme office living shed
Airport Extreme Name: office/ living / shed
Configure over WAN + Ignore warning
Connection Sharing: Off (Bridge Mode)
Wireless SSID + WPA2Personal pass
TCP/IP manual with DNS

Printer Reservation