Cannister V1

By telleropnul, January 11, 2021

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Blender 2.8.x / 2.9.x

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Start with a cube.  Scale to a vertical thin panel.  Decorate.
Dice.  Twist360 Z 3.
Smart apply and remove 2 of 3 panels.
Add angled cylinder and knife project an offset edge loop onto mesh.  Custom transform orientation helps.
Union join cylinder.  Apply bool.  Edgeloop walking cleanup.
Radial array Z 3
Vertical plane inside + screw 360.
Custom bevel profile.
SHIFT Smart apply an object + delete everything except some verts + curve extract + convert to mesh + radial array Z 3
Select all and add a Lattice + Z 3 + scale middle + Lattice + Z 6
Lattice on top of modifier stack before any radial array, bevel, mirror.
Remove bottom half of object and mirror Z.
Move lattice up/down Z to adjust bulge.