Aerosol spray paint – how to avoid spitting and splatter

By telleropnul, October 13, 2023

Your spray technique could be causing the problem. Notice as you put pressure on the spray nozzle that it flexes, and can be angled forward or back. Also notice where on the nozzle you place your finger. Don’t position your finger over the nozzle in such a way that your finger gets paint on it as the spray comes out. Your finger can accumulate paint, and the spray going by can blow a drop of paint onto your job.  By the same token, if your finger pressure angles the spray tip forward, the spray could hit the rim of the can below the nozzle, and accumulate there. Same problem as with a finger in the way: the paint accumulates, and eventually, the spray blows a blob of liquid (not aerosolized) paint onto your job. Whenever you stop painting to check your work or the coverage, look at your finger, and the rim, and if paint accumulates, wipe it off.