By telleropnul, May 10, 2020

Thank you Adobe.

  1. Create account.
  2. Browse characters.
  3. Select mocap animation.
  4. Download as Collada (*.dae)
  5. Blender > Import > Collada (*.dae)
  6. Change material alpha from 0 to 1.
  7. Press space bar to play.

Tip: For walk cycles, make sure to select “Walk in place” in the sliders area.



Source Files

mixamo X bot walking in place.dae
mixamo Y bot walking in place.dae


Constant-pace path-follow animation

Pace is independent of curve length. Uses only a single keyframe at frame #1 for Y position of helper arrow plane.

Draw Bezier Curve starting in world origin.
Draw helper arrow plane in world origin with object (local) origin set to 3D cursor (= world origin).
Set a keyframe for frame #1 for Ypos.
Graph Editor > [N] > Generator > -0.065 (dependent on walk cycle anim)
Add a Curve modifier to helper arrow plane object (-Y axis, BezierCurve).
Parent the Armature object to the vertices of the arrow plane (Edit Mode).
Edit the Curve object > [A] > Mean Tilt: 180deg.  This will flip the object.



‘Track to’ camera

Camera constraint linked to Armature > Hip bone
Bit bouncy.


‘track to’ camera linked to empty vertex parented to arrow helper plane . Watch the red/green XY axes.
No more bounce.  Bit unfortunate placement of empty, but am trying to match previous example and keep feet in the shot (honestly).