ESP8266 Weather Station

By telleropnul, February 28, 2021

Heltec Wifi 8

  • ESP8266 microcontroller with CP2104 USB to serial chip
  • Integrated 0.91 inch 128×32 I2C IIC Serial Blue OLED LCD Display
  • 3.3Vdc to 7Vdc
  • 32MB Flash

WiFi Kit 8

Source Files

Based on:



Create ibay esp8266 (HTTP only; not HTTPS)
Add domain and point it to ibay esp8266
Add DNS A record for domain for esp8266 pointing to server IP.
db accounts setprop esp8266 AllowUrlfOpen enabled
signal-event ibay-modify esp8266
Register for API key at
Enter API key in weather.php file
Place weather.php in ibay.
Enter WiFi details and city in espweather.ino
Program espweather.ino into Heltec Wifi 8.