By telleropnul, February 14, 2020

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Blender 2.83 alpha

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Simple Deform

I got into trouble using Simple Deform.  There is one or two things you need to understand about Simple Deform.  The Simple Deform modifier takes a 2D or 3D object and twists, bends or tapers it along an axis.  There are a few things it needs: an object with enough subdivisions, a working axis and a rotational axis.

You can bend any object along any axis, almost:

  • You can bend in the Z+ and Z- direction (rotational axis = Z) by aligning your object along the X axis (working axis = X)
  • The inverse of the previous scenario is this: You can bend in the X+ and X-direction (rotational axis = X) by aligning your object along the Z axis (working axis = Z)
  • You can also bend in the Y+ and Y- direction (rotational axis = Y) by -same as before- aligning your object along the Y axis (working axis = Z)

Here is the kicker:

Simple Deform does not work if you want the bend/crease/taper to act on a working axis = Y.  Simply does not work.  That scenario is simply does supported.  You will get weird results if you try.  To fix, you will need to rotate your object 90 degrees to make the working axis = X instead.

It is important to have your camera look at an object from Front View.  Press NUM7 (top view) and lower the view to return to what is effectively front view.  Your object should be oriented such that you are looking at it from this viewpoint.  You can also use View > Viewport > Front/Back/Left/Right/Top/Bottom.

After all this was cleared up, I was okay.

Source File: conduitV1.blend

I chose to use Dice and Simple Deform to create the conduit:

You can also use Dice and Curve modifier along a BezierCircle.

You can also use Dice + Array + Curve modifier to give it more segments and have the object snake along a freeform curve.