Battlezone II

By telleropnul, June 25, 2016




Battlezone II is an all time favourite game of mine and at the time seriously underrated.  The gameplay was varied and fun, the grouping of vehicles using [CTRL] + Function keys was quick and easy.  The command of your units using waypoints and the [TAB] key worked extremely well.  Being able to exit and enter vehicles and walk around in 1st person view was quite unique at the time.  Speeding through the alien landscape in hovercraft style fashion was exhilarating.  Building units, expanding your base and setting up a perimeter was fun.  Deploying of turrets, morphing of sentries, take out guardians in sniper mode, healing using the service truck, two story lines – all very clever features that make this a unique game.

BZ2_thunderbolt2 BZ2_sabre


 Service Truck
 Mortar Bike
 Missile Scout
 Rocket Tank
 Assault Tank