Workbenches / Pallet racking

By telleropnul, September 14, 2021

– Make one type of frame for everything.
– Different types of surfaces can be placed on standard frames.
– Use 40x40x3
– Aim for a work surface height of about 780, so 720 legs with 40 frame on top with 20 surface.
– Looking at dining table, a frame outer dimension of 1800 x 800 would work well.
– Any overhang of the sheet material can be left in place, cut off, or placed at 90 degree angle vertically as backing board.
– Start with horizontal top frame using mitered corners.
– Use magnets and clamps.
– One or two support strips near center to prevent Formply sagging (use angle iron)
– Weld angle iron strips on corners for vertical stacking (close to flush with 17mm FormPly at 15mm).
– For welding table surface, make a press fit removable frame-inside-the-frame and weld on slats.  Slats can overhang on one or both sides but don’t have to, not sure yet.
– Halfway down the frame you can weld a H brace to hold a shelf (use angle iron to make a “basket”).
E6013 general purpose 2mm electrodes on mild steel.  35-60 Amps.
E6013 general purpose 3.2mm electrodes on mild steel.  80-130 Amps.
Use less amps on thin metal; more amps on thick metal.

Electrode sizes:
1.5-2.0mm thick material – 2.5mm electrode
2.0-5.0mm thick material – 3.2mm electrode
5.0-8.0mm thick material – 4.0mm electrode
8.0-….mm thick material – 5.0mm electrode

For 3mm thick mild steel, 2mm electrodes for tacking on 40 Amps.  3.2mm electrodes for beads on 80 Amps.

– Tack top first, then measure, flip and tack, measure again, chip off slag.
– Clamp everything to prevent shrinking / warping.
– Weld sequencing to prevent heat build up in one area.
– Welding gloves, long sleeves, work shoes.  UV.  Sparks.  Hot molten lava.

After some internet searching, exactly like this:

Tips in comments:
– Use a hardwood or Bunnings glued pine timber instead of Formply (= plywood).  No MDF and never particleboard.
– Cold bluing.  After reading up, this does not provide much rust protection.  Better use primer and paint.
– Always keep your welding machine away from your grinder.  Shooting metal dust into your welding machine air vents can short out the welder’s circuit board.
– Do not push down on the band saw while cutting metal.  Also, cutting fluid.
– Band saw 6 TPI for normal use. 18 TPI to cut thin stock without tearing.
– Run those corner joints downhill.

“If you have to grind your welds to look pretty then you are a grinder not a welder.”

“A grinder and paint make you the welder you ain’t”

“Tack so you can go back”

Not mine.  Note castor wheels and plasma cutter area: