Unity quick tips

By telleropnul, May 11, 2018

Unity + Autodesk


  • FBX promotes interoperability between 3D software ← → FBX is a proprietary format owned by Autodesk.
  • Unity has made a deal with Autodesk to promote ‘seamless’ collaboration.
  • Blender is left in the cold and needs a swiss army knife to be able to interpret (Autodesk) .FBX files:
    Blender ← (Blender friendly) .FBX file format → Noesis ← (Autodesk) .FBX file format → Game
  • Reminder to self, be mindful of Unity / Autodesk vendor lock-in and the fact Blender is excluded.

Proxy support

setx HTTP_PROXY "http://username:password@proxy.domain.com:port"
setx HTTPS_PROXY "http://username:password@proxy.domain.com:port"
setx NO_PROXY "localhost,.domain.com,"
setx UNITY_NOPROXY "localhost,.domain.com,"

Unity will now launch properly in Windows 10 behind a corporate firewall using a proxy that requires user/pass authentication.

To clear an environment variable:

setx VAR ""

Selecting objects

LMB and item in [Hierarchy] or in [Scene] to select.
Double click an entry in [Hierarchy] to select and focus on an object.
Use [F] key in [Scene] to focus on a selected object.

Next to [Move] [Rotate] [Scale] there is the [Hand] tool.  The [Hand] tool does the following.

  • LMB = Pan
  • Scrollwheel = Zoom
  • RMB = Rotate

To orbit an object in the editor do the following:

  • Select an object in [Scene]
  • Select [Hand] tool
  • Use RMB while pressing and holding in the [F] key.


Place multiple cameras.  Move/rotate each one as you like in 3D view.  Use [GameObject > Align View To Selected] to ‘see what the camera sees’.  Use [GameObject > Move To View] and [GameObject > Align to View] to change camera location and rotation to match your free view.

UI Panel opacity

Click on your panel and look in the inspector you’ll see Image (script).  You want to click on the white bar which says color on the left of it, this opens a little thing where you can adjust the color of your panel. What you want to do now is look at the A value (alpha).  The lower the value the more transparent your panel will be.