[Blender] Battlezone II ISDF Vehicle Scout – ivscout

By telleropnul, May 5, 2018

Source Files:

Blender XSI import addon


How to convert XSI models to blender

First we need to preview the model and check animation and textures.

3D Explorer viewer

You can use 3D explorer to load XSI models including animations and textures.

Install using Compatibility Mode:

You can now load the game’s original XSI files that were made available by the developers.  The XSI files contain all animations and materials with links to texture image files (PIC files)

PIC texture image files live inside the game’s original 250MB data.pak and can be extracted using PAK Explorer.

Source File:

Texture image formats

Unity converts images to an internal image format, so you can feed it about anything.  Blender also accepts popular image files like TGA, PNG and JPG.

I prefer to use a right mouse button context menu image browser and converter utility named XnShellEx64

I use this utility to:
– view TGA files with 1 alpha channel (do not use PNG!)
– convert PIC files to JPG using 100% compression ratio (note: PIC is already a compressed format!)

Note: Use [Convert…] instead of [Convert into] if you want to tweak settings when saving i.e. compression ratio.


As PIC is already a compressed format, you won’t get a smaller file by using 80% or 90% quality for your compression ratio when saving to JPG.  Instead, this will create loss of data and introduce artifacts.  When converting PIC to JPG you have to save as JPG using 100% quality for your compression ratio i.e. no compression at all.


The problem with PNG files is that this format allows for multiple alpha channels in a single file, which adds complexity.  PNG files created in Photoshop may introduce halos around the opaque elements in the picture when used in other programs if not saved correctly.  Also, it is not always easy to see from the outside if a PNG image contains alpha channel data or not.  TGA files are simpler and load faster.


Use TGA files for images with alpha, use JPG files for images without alpha.  Don’t forget to set compression quality to 100% if converting an already compressed image file type.  You can now import the XSI into Blender and attach the JPG texture image files.